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Focus: Featuring Scott Richardson NSW

Focus: Featuring Scott Richardson


17th May 2014 12:00AM


Valve Bar
871 George St, Sydney

In some ways, Focus is a return to the clubbing days of old. Long DJ sets, allowing for people to really find their groove, whether it be in the DJ booth, or on the dance floor. Focus is a celebration of the amazing local talent that Sydney and Australia has to offer. A nod toward the DJ as an entire entity, separate from the music they create, or the image they are told to project. Focus is about removing all the excess and returning clubbing to its roots: The music, and the DJs who bring that to the clubs.

So let’s focus on Scott Richardson. Scott has been playing Trance music in Sydney for over ten years. He’s got this love for Trance that has stuck to it’s core through the electro infiltration of 2004, and the EDM assault that has taken over in recent times. There’s something to be said for that kind of passion and determination to be able to hone in on the emotion and atmosphere of tracks that get looked over by so many in favour of the “current sound”.

Something that really makes a club night work, is the anticipation you have when you enter the club. The music is flowing, there’s a groove happening, and there’s smiling faces everywhere. You get that feeling where you stop, and all you can think is “Yeah, this is going to be a good night”. That’s not an atmosphere easily faked. Lucky for us, we have Pato De Gomah ready for a two hour set of some luscious progressive and melodic music to push you right toward that moment when all of these elements come together, everyone looks toward the DJ booth, and a memory is locked in forever.

I can’t begin to explain to you how excited I am for this night. This is something that myself, Scott and several other DJ’s have been talking about doing for some years now. Well the time has come. Focus on the music. Leave the rest behind.

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